Home of spindle repair

Welcome to our headquarters in Naumburg in Northern Hesse.

On just under 5,000 m², we give our best every day in order to offer you the best possible service around your machine park.

Around 120 employees provide fast assistance with machine and spindle failures or support our customers with individual measures. From spare parts procurement, optimizations of motor spindles and machines to the production of components, we offer our customers a comprehensive range of services that enables individual and fast solutions.

Our clients include both large international corporations and medium-sized companies around the world. Our focus is on the repair of and service around motor spindles.


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Inside EH

Come and follow us through the halls of EGIN-HEINISCH GmbH & Co. KG. Let’s take a look at the home of the Der Spindeldoctor, EH Service Company and EH Factory.

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The future belongs to team players. This is why, at the moment, we have such a healthy mixture of experience and youthful vigour as well as a thirst for knowledge. Some of our work is independent of time and location, which requires special logistics. We have sophisticated internal knowledge management and learn from each other and from our tasks. The result is top quality standards, both for our “chief physicians“ and for our team.

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