„Perfect quality and quite swift“ – Spindeldoctor maintains and optimizes three spindles in Wuppertal

- vom 16.01.2019 -

It is no secret, that maintenance makes sense even in the case of older machines. At the Spindeldoctor we do our work even if there es no concrete issue but „only“ a deterioration of the measured values. In our point of view this is no reason to buy an expensive exchange spindle or a new machine. We are motivated to achieve best possible condition (as new) for every machine we work at.

Our success is reflected in the collaboration wie KÖBO GmbH & Co. KG in Wuppertal. Lukas Stacheleck, manager of tool making, kindly answered all our questions, for what we would like to sincerly thank.

Chain Technology for more than 120 years

The company KÖBO existes since 1894 and had essentially participated in the  development of a new standardization process for chain wheels that is still in use. In the first years KÖBO was owned by Emil Köhler and Hermann Bovenkamp, whose family names formed the company´s name.

Before World War II KÖBO started an expansion strategy, which was continued especially in the 1950s. In addition to the company’s head office in Wuppertal, KÖBO established branches in Belgium as well as Stuttgart, Hamburg, Offenbach, Hannover, Dortmund and Cologne.

The following years were characterized through international expansion, what resulted in additional branches in France, Austria and the U.K. as well as an engagement in the Netherlands and India.

After several company takeover at the end of 20th century, KÖBO meets highest technical requirements. The company produces roller chains, conveyor chains in numerous versions and up to a diameter of 1.700 mm. Also part of the portfolio are single-, double-, triple roller chains and special roller chains which can be produced in special materials.

Customers of KÖBO come from steel industry, automotive industry, bulk handling industry as well as food and beverage industry, wood industry, passenger transport industry, water treatment industry and other industrial applications.

Vibration of the machine leads to a call to Spindeldoctor

The first contact between KÖBO and the Spindeldoctor was based upon a recommendation. Mr. Stacheleck heard about our service and contacted us on the spot. The reason was a defect bearing at a Spinner 1.000 machining centre, which led to a vibration of the machine. The staff at KÖBO „realised that something was wrong“ and needed to be fixed. The machine is in use as well in production for customers as in the manufacturing of tool parting for own needs.

Despite several requests the manufacturer of the machine could not find the error and just offered a new spindle. That´s why the Spindeldoctor came into play and successfully overworked the bearing so that the machine now runs smoothly again.

„Exactly like in new condition“

KÖBO is delighted by Spindeldoctor‘s fast and above all cost-efficient work. In the meantime we could give a visible proof of our outstanding competence by improving an Avia 650 and an Avia console milling machine and look forward for new jobs in Wuppertal. Mr. Stacheleck confirmes that the machines now work „as new“ which is also the case for the measured values. More over, our work is described as „perfect and quite swift“, which of course gives us great pleasure.

Once again the Spindeldoctor‘s provides the evidence, that the cost-intensive way of an exchange spindle or a complete new spindle ist not the best way. Above all, when it comes to maintenance and a machine downtime can be scheduled, companies should talk to the Spindeldoctor. We are able to whip machines into shape with quite simple measures and help saving considerable money.

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