„Everything awesome, actually“ – Spindeldoctor handles complaints with ease

- vom 16.01.2019 -

Sometimes the quality of a collaboration is only shown, when something goes wrong. And yes: even Spindeldoctors sometimes make mistakes. From our perspective it is important, that we learn from errors and put them right. An example pleasingly? In that case we like to mention our collaboration with Lauchner Zerspanungstechnik GmbH in  Werther / Westphalia. The owner, Mr. Vitali Lauchner, took the time for a conversation with us. He comes to a positive conclusion of Spindeldoctor‘s work.

Owner-managed metal cutting and milling service

My name is Vitali Lauchner. As a trained industrial mechanic, I started my own metal cutting business more than 10 years ago. Since that time we concentrate on job order production and see ourselves as specialists for particularly high-quality milled parts.

Our customers come from the fields of tool making and mechanical engineering. We deliver preproduction models (prototypes) as well as individual pieces and pieces out of serial production. More over we help other companies to manage bottlenecks and  take over parts of their production.

Lauchner Zerspanungstechnik works with modern CAD/CAM technology and convinces through high expertise and short decision-making processes. Because the CEO and founder  is fully integrated in daily work, our processes can be given a lean and efficient shape. More over, we guarantee regular quality analysis and try to become better and better.

We work mainly in the field of CNC milling and ensure a precision of  0,001 millimetres and an average roughness depth of Rz 1,6. Subsequently it was a milling machine which lead to the collaboration with the Spindeldoctor.

Problems with a Hurco VMX 50

The starting point of our work with the Spindeldoctor was a spindle defect at our Hurco VMX 50 3-axis-machining centre. We had asked the manufacturer before contacting the Spindeldoctor but Hurco only wanted to give a warranty in case of buying a complete new spindle. Accordingly we searched the internet and found the Spindeldoctor.

Spindle repair service – searched for and found

Granted, we have asked several spindle services and invited offers. The Spindeldoctor scored  particulary because of his warranty. More over, it took less than 24 hours to make an appointment and an exchange spindles was promised. It should be stated positively that the Spindeldoctor was easy to reach during the whole repair process and delighted us with a well informed contact person.

Right spindle – but not balanced

The first attempt of an assembly showed, that the exchange spindle probably was not balanced in the right way. At least it came to chatter marks and a huge radial clearance. We complained about that, but at the same time the Spindeldoctor‘s technician had reacted and promised fast help.

New spindle arrived the following day

Just one day later a new spindle arrived and was instantly built-in. Of course no additional costs were added and since that day our machine runs properly. In this respect everything was „awesome“ to state it simple. Particularly positive is the fact, that the Spindeldoctor seems to have more than enough exchange spindles to solve little problems like ours in a fast and efficient way.

This is the reason, why we highly recommand the service and will return to the Spindeldoctor in case of new spindle defects.

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