„Swift removal and mounting“ – Spindeldoctor‘s success at Austria

- vom 16.01.2019 -

The Spindeldoctor is one thing above all: customizable. Although our company is approximately 12 hours outside of Austria, we spare no effort to keep our word and to repair within the agreed period. In case of Pankl Systems Austria GmbH we have succeeded to the fullest extend, although our technicians had to work on friday evening and the following saturday.

Markus Konrad from the department of technical procurement at Pankl Systems took the time and draws a positive conclusion.

Mechanical systems for high performance

The company Pankl can be found at nine locations worldwide. Besides Austria this is Germany, Slowakia, the U.K. as well as the U.S. and Japan. The three divisions at Pankl take care for racing, aerospace and high performance solutions. Pankl works for machining companies as well as aerospace suppliers. More over, Pankl produces forged components and industry applications.

At Spindeldoctor we are very proud about this exciting customer and a company with 1.600 employees worldwide. Pankl was founded in 1985 and started with connecting rods for motor sport. Whatever the company produces is of finest possible quality. Examples come from motor sport and car engineering as well as from the field of aviation industry. In this way, Pankl also produces driving shafts for the tail rotors of helicopters.

Problems with a Makino A 61 NX

Working in a high-quality segment needs precise machining centres. The Spindeldoctor‘s mission was about a Makino A 61 NX with a high-torque spindle. After a number of other services couldn‘t deliver a repair – even not by consolidating their efforts, the Spindeldoctor was contacted. Already during the first telephone call we made clear that we don‘t only cope with such challenges but also love to do jobs like that. The customer wanted a repair within the record time of only five days. In that respect we took into account, that the distance between Naumburg and Austria is more than 800 kilometres.

Repair within the values of a new spindle

During inspection at the customer‘s place we soon detected a high concentricity error of 0.06 millimetres by 300 millimetres and 0.02 mm by 50 mm. For that it was very necessary to repair the spindle. We succeeded in restoring the values of a new spindle in every measuring range. In detail we reached the following results:

  • concentricity plug gauge 300mm: 0.002mm
  • concentricity cone: 0.001mm
  • axial displacement of the shaft: 0.080mm
  • spine x/z: 0.006mm
  • adjusting measurements: 10.26mm
  • concentricity plug gauge 50mm: 0.001mm
  • axial rund-out cone: 0.001mm
  • spine y/z: 0.002mm
  • pull-in-force: 25.5kN

by far more favourable than the manufacturer‘s

Mr. Konrad confirmed, that our price is „by far more favourable than the manufacturer‘s“ by receiving exactly the same results. More over, in the matter of repair our customer is  consistently happy and comments that „everything is according to the plan and a perfect handling“.

„Will work with the Spindeldoctor again“

Our performance is honoured by our customer, although he likes further orders to be planned a bit more precisely. Of course we will fulfill this request.

At the moment, the Makino A 61 NX is chained together in a highly automated supply chain for high-quality serial parts for luxury cars.

Mr. Konrad already announced, that in future there will be much more to do for the Spindeldoctor. He will recommended us without any concerns.

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