Helping is
better than arguing

Being in the right? Upholding own interests? Having the hassle?
At the Spindeldoctor we try to avoid all of this.
Our motto is: helping is better than arguing.

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What´s it all about?

In the first place we talk about incidental warranty cases. The situation is not always clear and we do not see ourselves in a clear guarantee obligation. On the other hand we feel the duty to a gesture of goodwill. That is why we are starting a special action.

Helping is better than arguing means, that we handle disputes as warranty cases. Unconditionally. And without discussion. In exchange, our customers donate 50 percent of the regular price to a children‘s hospice.

Why the whole thing? Simply to make the world a little bit better. We wish our customers and children in need a little more happyness. Our contribution lies in the competent work as Spindeldoctor and in a cost-free repair work. We help instead of arguing and give our customers the chance for a social engagement.

More than 40.000 children and teenagers in Germany are threatened and affected by deadly and live-shortening diseases. The stationary children‘s and youth hospice central Germany at Tambach-Dietharz gives affected families the opportunity of living together 28 days a year. The holistic care concepts not only provides affectionate and optimal care for the critically ill child but also a comprehensive family aid.

The discharge visits strengthen the whole family system and provide new energies for the parents and healthy siblings. The reason is, that the 24 hour care for ill children is often very demanding. More than 35 permanent employees and many voluntary helpers work there at the moment. The non-profit sponsoring association is constantly in need of donations to uphold their important portfolio of assistance.

More than 1 million euro are required at annual frequency only to ensure the operation of this social institution because the funding through health insurance is not enough. More than 950  affected families from all over Germany used the stationary assistance of children‘s and youth hospice since the opening in November 2011. Since 2008 more than 6.7 million euro where invested in the purchase and reconstruction of the former administration building of the „Thüringer Fernwasserversorgung“ at Tambach-Dietharz (Thuringian forest) and the transformation into the children‘s and youth hospice Central Germany.

92 percent of this funds were raised through donations of private persons, associations, schools and companies and non-govermental contributions through charitable trusts. Thanks to this aid a literally second home came into existence – far from the sterile hospital atmosphere. The stationary children‘s hospice is operated by a six-member sponsoring association on voluntary base since 2005. This makes it East Germany‘s biggest social project on voluntary base.

The founder, initiator and until today voluntary chairman Klaus-Dieter Heber has been awarded with the „Verdienstorden der Bundesrepublik Deutschland“ (Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany) in 2015. In 2017 the sponsoring association planed an urgently required expansion of the children‘s and youth hospice because of the growing demand. In a currently unrenovated auxiliary building new guest and therapy-, community- and social rooms are projected as well as a woodwork shop. Therefore, an additional  investment  of 1 million is needed. Unfortunately, there are no govermental fundings available at the moment.

Support the children’s hospice too

Of course we are happy if you want to support our actions without a previous “dispute”. All information and the opportunity to donate directly online can be found on our donations page on

We say already: Thank you for your support.

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