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Training at EGIN-HEINISCH is the first step towards the future. With us you learn from scratch, either in a classic apprenticeship or as part of a dual study program. We offer variety, provide answers and initially only require interest and commitment. We believe that competence must be passed on so that Germany remains competitive in the future.

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Training new employees is a matter close to our heart. We are not just interested in attracting workers to Egin-Heinisch, but in getting a new generation in the field of mechanical engineering fit. For this reason, in many ways we do not just go one step but several steps further and offer far above-average possibilities. There are almost always apprenticeships in our company – for different professions. If you can’t find your dream job right away, you should definitely contact us. Our company is diverse and sometimes we find a convincing solution even in seemingly impossible situations. Courage!

Training occupations How do we train

Professions that you can learn with us

You can learn these professions with us. You are also welcome to apply online for an apprenticeship at EGIN-HEINISCH.

We welcome your unsolicited application. In any case, please check whether the desired position has already been advertised and then use the application form deposited there.

How do we train?

Before starting an apprenticeship, there are questions.
What can I expect? What is expected of me and what will my life as an apprentice at Egin-Heinisch look like?
Admittedly, since the challenges always change, we cannot always come with the same daily routine or schedule F.
We not only promise that it will be exciting and educational, but a lot more.

Why you should start with us

You want to make money right away

Anyone who chooses an apprenticeship earns their own money. We openly admit that this is not a princely salary, but in our industry, with the appropriate expertise, there are certainly good earning opportunities. If you want to stand on your own after graduating from high school, you can afford your own apartment with the training allowance and there is also a car in it.

You want to gain practical experience immediately

School too theoretical? Then the training is the ideal contrast program. We offer you real life and not in the form of a simulation, but live and in color. We are talking about a profession that brings responsibility from day one and with which a lot can be done. After all, our customers’ machines rotate around the clock, which we take care of.

You want to be part of a team directly

We are not lone fighters, but outspoken team players. Success only arises in our profession if everyone pulls together. How about us Unlike in the course of studies, which usually takes place in libraries and in the proverbial “quiet closet”, we work together consistently and never leave you alone. In concrete terms, of course, this also means that your trainer has an answer for all questions or ensures that we find the right answers in the team. Incidentally, our team spirit is also underpinned by the fact that we offer company clothes.

You need clear instructions and tasks

Personal initiative is all well and good and we also encourage it. However, we are not supporters of excessive demands and work within the framework of training according to a clear training plan. You will find out in advance what you will learn. When things get faster: all the better, but with our “common thread” and in dialogue with your trainer, you always show us where you are and what topics are to come.

You want to be independent

Off to adult life. Thanks to your professional activity, you stand out from pupils. You learn something new, but you are already productive. And that with your own money and still enough free time to let off steam while away from work.

You want job security

A secure job from the start: who doesn’t want that? This is possible with us, because training often goes straight to permanent employment. Of course, you are not forced to stay with us, but after successful training, all doors are open to you both with us and elsewhere.

You want to be one of the best in your field

Do you fancy performance? With us you get the opportunity. With our top training offer, we see ourselves as a veritable “launch pad” for your career. We are one of the most successful and innovative companies in the industry and are happy to pass on our recipe for success to you. Be one of the best with us!


In order for you to stay mobile in our region, we cover 100 percent of your driving license costs. An overall grade of “good” or better is required. Don’t worry: you can do it!


The word education is in training and we take that literally. For this reason, we not only make you fit for your job, we also offer language courses for English, stays abroad, study trips with museum visits and many explanations. Our concept in this area is extensive.

Any questions?

You still have questions. Then we are happy to answer your questions in a personal conversation.
However, we have already listed some important questions here. Just click through if you still need information.


Ms. Antje Drews will be happy to answer you all further
questions about training at EGIN-HEINISCH.

Antje Drews
Phone: +49 5625 9210 148

When can I start the training?
There is simple and detailed information on this question. Basically when you want, but we also pay attention to the times of the vocational school. Talk to us: we will find a solution.

When is the right time to apply?
Clear question, clear answer: now

What personal requirements do I have to have?
Many answers can be given here as well. The most important thing is commitment and interest. You have to want to, otherwise it won’t work with us. Technical or commercial previous knowledge would be great. Abitur is not a must but is also welcome. Maybe we just turn the question around and ask you: What are the requirements and what qualifies you for our company from your point of view? If you can think of something about this, it’s a good start.

Where does the training take place?
The training takes place primarily in Naumburg in northern Hessen. Our company is located in a small town with around 5,000 inhabitants, of which you are quickly in Kassel. You will enjoy life in and around Naumburg if you have a heart for nature and you like old half-timbered houses in combination with high-tech. In the event that you need city air, we point out two highways in the immediate vicinity and our location in the heart of Germany.

Speaking of Germany: if you do your job well, we will always take you to our customers, whose companies are spread across the whole of Germany. Sometimes it even goes abroad.

What is the proportion of vocational school in training?
We base our training on the dual system. Accordingly, you are not only in the company within the framework of the legal provisions, but also learn at the vocational school.

Do I have a supervisor during my apprenticeship?
Of course, we don’t leave you alone, we put a supervisor at your side. You can ask questions at any time and are literally “taken by the hand”, especially at the beginning.

Do I get to know different departments during my apprenticeship?
With us you get to know all departments. We keep looking outside the box and give you the opportunity to think in larger contexts. For us, teamwork means not only cooperation within the department, but also cooperation among the departments and even with partner companies.

Can I already specialize in one area as an apprentice?
In general, specialization is also possible within the scope of the training. However, we cannot make binding statements before your first day, but we promise that we will do everything we can to learn the things that you can use in your later professional life.

Can I work independently as a trainee?
We attach great importance to working independently. Don’t worry: you don’t have to take responsibility right from the start, but always have someone by your side who looks over your shoulders.

Will I be taken on after my apprenticeship?
Basically, it is possible that we will take you over after completing your training and you will quickly get to know some former trainees who have made this jump. Before we talk about this, let’s start with us.

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