„Don‘t have the service in Australia“ – the Spindeldoctor as „global player“

- vom 01.10.2018 -

Many companies describe themselves as „global players“. At the Spindeldoctor this term could not be more apt. How else to explain, that our customers not only come from different European countries but also from Australia?

With Lovitt Technologies we convinced a long-established company from Melbourne area through our extraordinary skills and repaired a  Makino T1 HSK100 12K 12.000UpM in a short time. Despite the time difference Mr. Peter Drjaca took a little time to talk to us about the intercontinental collaboration and how it occured.

Lovitt Technologies – hightech from Australia

Lovitt Technologies employs more than 80 employees and is one of the world-market leaders in the field of complex precision components for civil and military avitation. Lovitt is engaged in the manufacturing of the prestigious stealth-fighter F-35. More over, Lovitt works  for Boeing and other leading aviation manufacturers and is one of the biggest names in the branch.

The company works in the serial production as well as in the manufacturing of prototypes and uses state-of-the-art 5-axis machining centres. Lovitt is 100 percent in private hands and is certified through the strict standards of SAI Global as well as AS9100 or rather DIN EN ISO 9001 and NADCAP.

Large machine park

In accordance with the diversity of tasks  Lovitt runs a large machine park of excellent quality. An example is the Makino T1 HSK100 12K 12.000UpM which was called „a real game changer“ in an interview with an Australian engineering company.

„Don’t have the service in Australia“

After a spindle crash at the Makino T1 there was no appropriate company in Australia to repair or renew the spindle. Peter, our interview partner, also talked about the collaboration with the manufacturer and said: „we had issues with that spindle and needed a second opinion“. So the choice was Spindeldoctor from Naumburg in the German province of Hessen and therefore a company which is located more than 16.000 kilometres in a bird‘s eye view.

Spindeldoctor well-known in Australia

The Spindeldoctor was known through a visit at EMO 2017 in Hannover. The Exposition Mondiale de la Machine Outil is one of the biggest fairs for metal processing and therefore a obligatory date in the branch. Of course the Spindeldoctor was represented and convinced from start to finish.

Convincing work

The same can be said about the repair of the spindle. The removal and installation was done by the customer himself, that means that no mechanic of the Spindeldoctor had to travel „down under“. The spindle was repaired extensively within two weeks and now works within the measuring values of a new spindle.

Peter from Lovitt Technologies remarks it right during our interview: „We did not have a spindle in stock“, but we solved the problem through a quick and thorough repair. More over, we showed that logistics won‘t be a problem and the Spindeldoctor is able to act globally.

Our customer was fully satisfied and will return to the Spindeldoctor at the next opportunity, which makes us proud. Not only, that we work on different continents but also for such an important customer.

For this reason we say „thank you“ again and look forward for new challenges, even from Australia.

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