Welcome to the Black Factory

- vom 29.10.2018 -

600 square metres for the purpose of exercise? Not quite, although you could put it like this. We are talking about our „Black Factory“ where we work on our holistic approach to the repair of spindles and machines. Our aim is not only to measure spindles on the test stand but also directly in the machine.

The Spindeldoctor machine park

Yes, you read it correctly: the Spindeldoctor gradually builds its own machine park, containing the most recent machine tools and machining centres. You can find DMG machines as well as Hurco, Makino and other well-known manufacturers. The reason for that lies in the real conditions we only achieve by using real machines. With that we get closer to our customers and their specific situation.

Spindle testing in the lab and in practice

So far repaired or overhauled spindles had been tested only in the lab or on our test stand. We continue with that and only if lab results match a 100 per cent we start the mounting of a spindle. Nevertheless, the harmonious interaction with the machine and their individual geometry plays an important role. For that reason we improve the lifetime as well as the temperature conditions. More over, we check the vibrations, work with critical speeds and test the behaviour on targeted overloads.

Training for service technicians and trainees

Since the foundation in 2003 the Spindeldoctor is on its way to grow. In the next years many trainees will start their apprenticeship at our company and will get to know our „Black Factory“. The „newbies“, as well as our service technicians, will receive a perfect training to deliver the best possible performances for our customers. We promise, that every service technician not only knows everything about repairs but also knows everything about the dismantling and mounting of a motorspindle like the back of their hands. More over, we know the specifics of all the machines which are used by our customers.

The result is a more comprehensive and really holistic service around the motor spindle. 100 percent spindle doctor.

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